Independent Projects : Data Science

Microsoft Competition

To predict whether a loan applicant will fully repay or default on a loan.This project + competition deals with loan data. When a customer applies for a loan, credit providers use classification model to predict whether or not to grant the loan based on the likelihood of the loan being repaid. I have used Azure ML & R for this project to create classification model.

Professional Projects : 3 +yrs

Product Engineering Services

In this multidimensional role, I ensured timely deliveries for NPIs. Amazing learning experience: Dealing with variety of people ranging from top management, clients, fellow team members and colleagues.Enjoyed mentoring new folks and motivated senior buddies.Connected organizational goals to team performance. End result-Exceeding client expectation.

Professional Projects : 7 +yrs

Product Design & Cost Optimization

I feel myself fortunate to work with great companies and great leaders across globe.Implemented 20+ cost optimization projects with the principles of lean six sigma,that resulted in business benefits of over $4MM. Practiced cross functional team management under demanding project timelines.

USA Experience: Spent close to 30+ months spanning 6 years


Design Patent on Wall Oven Sliding Shelf Support: